Google Uses AI To Detect Fake Online Reviews Faster

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Google is utilizing advanced AI technology to combat a surge in counterfeit online reviews, which deceive consumers and negatively impact local establishments.

In 2023 alone, the company thwarted more than 170 million fake reviews, marking a 45% uptick compared to the prior year.

This crackdown offers a sigh of relief for local business proprietors who have grappled with deceptive reviews tarnishing their online presence on Google Maps and Search.

In a recent blog post, Google elaborated on how its algorithms now leverage long-term pattern analysis to swiftly detect suspicious review behaviors. This includes identifying duplicate reviews posted across multiple business listings and abrupt fluctuations in ratings, both positive and negative.

A Year Of More Honest Reviews

In 2023, Google grappled with an influx of approximately 20 million daily updates to local business data, spanning crucial details like operating hours and customer feedback.

To uphold data integrity amidst this deluge of information, Google deployed a novel algorithm geared towards swiftly pinpointing and eliminating misleading or deceptive content.

This new algorithm proved its mettle when it unearthed a scheme wherein individuals were incentivized to fabricate positive reviews for monetary gain. By swiftly detecting and addressing this malpractice, Google effectively curtailed its proliferation, thereby safeguarding users from deceptive reviews.

Furthermore, Google reported significant strides in the removal or prevention of policy-violating content, including:

  • Over 170 million reviews found to contravene policies.
  • A notable surge of 14 million in the identification of videos breaching policies.
  • Thwarting of over 2 million fraudulent attempts to claim business profiles, thanks to bolstered security measures.

Key Benefits For Local Businesses

Google has outlined several benefits for local businesses resulting from its new fake review detection algorithm:

  1. Swift Detection: The machine learning system enables faster identification of suspicious review patterns, offering businesses timely protection against the detrimental effects of fraudulent reviews.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: Compared to 2022, the algorithm boasts a 45% improvement in pinpointing fake reviews, instilling greater confidence in businesses that their online ratings accurately represent genuine customer feedback.
  3. Scam Prevention: The algorithm not only identifies individual fake reviews but also detects coordinated attempts to orchestrate scam reviews. This proactive approach provides businesses with heightened defense against organized campaigns aimed at tarnishing their reputation through fake reviews.

Takeaways For Local Marketers & Business Owners

Google emphasizes its ongoing commitment to combating fake content, underscoring the benefits for users and the protection it offers to local businesses in safeguarding their online reputations.

This update is anticipated to foster a fairer landscape, wherein reputation aligns more closely with service excellence and authentic customer satisfaction.

For businesses, the key takeaway is to prioritize delivering outstanding products and services, trusting that Google’s efforts will align online reputations more closely with real-world performance.

Original news from SearchEngineJournal