Google Updates Guidance On EEA Carousels Beta Structured Data

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Google has revised its structured data guidelines for beta carousels aimed at users in the European Economic Area, in anticipation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The updated guidance details the application of this structured data on summary or category pages, as well as on paginated categories.

Carousel (Beta) Rich Results For Aggregators & Suppliers

The Carousel (Beta) rich results are designed for websites focusing on travel, local information, and shopping queries targeted at users in the European Economic Area (EEA). In these rich results, Google search users can horizontally scroll through tiles that provide contextually relevant information based on their search.

Sites implementing this new structured data are eligible to appear in these carousel rich results. Initially, according to the February 2024 announcement, the display for shopping queries will be limited to Czechia, France, Germany, and the UK.

Updated Documentation

The updated documentation now includes an additional paragraph in the existing Structured Data Carousels (beta) documentation:

“Ensure that all items appearing on the summary or category page are properly marked up. In cases of paginated categories, introduce an ItemList for each subsequent page, encompassing the entities listed on those pages. For infinite scroll functionality, prioritize marking up the entities initially visible within the viewport.”

The changelog entry explaining the reason for the update is as follows:

“Added guidance for marking up categories with numerous items in structured data carousels (beta).

What: Included instructions on implementing markup for categories with extensive content in structured data carousels (beta).

Why: Addressed user feedback received via our feedback button, specifically regarding the implementation of this markup for categories featuring paginated content or infinite scroll.”

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