Google Rolls Out Search Profile Feature For Reviewers

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Google is introducing a fresh social profile feature enabling users to access, organize, and distribute written reviews across its diverse platforms. This announcement came through an email sent to individuals who have shared reviews on Google Search.

According to Google, the main objective of this feature is to enhance the usefulness of reviews for others. It’s important to note that this functionality is distinct from users’ existing public Google Maps review history.

Centralized Review Management

At, Google’s search reviews profiles serve as a centralized hub where users can access all their previously submitted reviews, spanning categories such as TV shows, movies, and other content. This fresh feature offers a smoother experience for browsing, editing, and removing past reviews.

Private Initially, Public Soon

Presently, these profiles are exclusively visible to the individual users. However, starting from June 24th, other Google users will have access to view your profile and written reviews simply by tapping on your name or picture attached to any published reviews.

Privacy Considerations

By enabling users to access and delve into each other’s review histories, Google is enhancing the transparency of the review ecosystem across its platforms. Although the profile will render your written reviews publicly accessible, Google has affirmed that personal information from individual Google Accounts, like birthdays, will remain undisclosed.

If you’d rather not maintain a public profile, you’ll have the choice to delete it.

Why SEJ Cares

The introduction of this centralized profile could serve as a valuable tool for assessing the reliability and coherence of reviewers, potentially influencing purchasing choices. Conversely, creators might need to adjust their review management tactics to accommodate the potential influence of individual reviewers.

With the June 24th rollout date nearing, anticipate the integration of this new feature into the search experience.

How This Can Benefit You

For individuals who actively contribute reviews on Google’s platforms, this heightened visibility could amplify their influence and lead to increased recognition within their area of expertise.

For creators, the capability to explore reviewer profiles could aid in identifying and rectifying potentially deceptive or fraudulent reviews, thereby nurturing a more reliable review environment.

Conversely, it might require a more proactive stance in monitoring and addressing critical reviews, as they will now be readily available to potential customers.

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