Google Rolls Out New ‘Web’ Filter For Search Results

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Google is rolling out a new feature that allows users to filter search results to display only text-based webpages.

The “Web” filter, being launched globally within the next two days, caters to the preferences of users who desire a simpler, text-focused view of search results.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, explains in an announcement:

“We’ve introduced this feature in response to feedback from users who occasionally prefer to see only links to web pages in their search results. This could be particularly useful for those seeking longer-form text documents, individuals using devices with limited internet access, or simply those who prefer text-based results presented separately from other search features.”

This new feature harks back to a time when search results were more streamlined. Today, search results often amalgamate various media formats such as images, videos, and shopping advertisements alongside the traditional list of web links.

How It Works

For mobile users, the “Web” filter will appear alongside other filter options such as “Images” and “News.”

If Google’s systems do not automatically display it based on the search query, desktop users may need to select “More” to access this feature.

More About Google Search Filters

Google’s search filters enable users to refine results by type. These options are dynamically generated depending on the search query and what Google’s systems deem most relevant.

The “All Filters” option grants access to filters that are not automatically displayed.

In addition to filters, Google also presents “Topics” – suggested related terms that can either refine or expand a user’s initial query into new areas of exploration.

Original news from SearchEngineJournal