Google Launches “Help Me Write” AI Assistant For Chrome Browser

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Google is unveiling a fresh AI capability within the Chrome web browser aimed at aiding users in crafting written content.

Dubbed the “Help Me Write” tool, this feature was announced just last month and is set to debut this week. It aims to assist users in composing a variety of text types, ranging from online reviews to inquiries and classified ads.

Everyday Writing Made Easier

By leveraging Google’s Gemini model, Help Me Write utilizes contextual information from the website you’re visiting and the text field you’re working in to generate text.

For instance, if you’re selling an item online, Help Me Write might take a concise product description and enhance it, crafting a refined and comprehensive post.

Google highlighted in an announcement:

“The tool is designed to grasp the context of the webpage you’re currently browsing, providing suggestions that are pertinent to your writing task.

For example, if you’re composing a review for a pair of running shoes, Chrome will extract key features from the product page to bolster your recommendation, making it more informative for potential buyers.”

Examples Of Help Me Write In Action

To illustrate how Help Me Write functions, Google presented the following examples:

Example One:

Prompt: “moving to a smaller place selling airfryer for 50 bucks”
Generated Post: “I’m relocating to a smaller space and won’t have room for my air fryer. It’s in good condition and works perfectly. Selling for $50.”

Example Two:

Prompt: “plane lands at 9 – ask to check in early”
Generated Hotel Inquiry: “My flight arrives at 9 am, and I’d like to check in as soon as possible. Is early check-in available?”

Example Three:

Prompt: “write a request to return a defective bike helmet that has a line crack despite not stated as covered in the product warranty”
Generated Text: “I’m seeking to return a bike helmet I recently purchased. Despite no damage stated in the warranty, it has developed a line crack. Could you assist with the return process?”

How to Enable “Help Me Write”

To activate Help Me Write, Chrome users can access the “Experimental AI” section within their browser settings.

This functionality has been incorporated into the latest Chrome M122 update and is currently accessible to English-language users in the United States on both Mac and Windows PCs.

Users have the flexibility to toggle the feature on or off at their convenience.

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