Google investigating widespread issue impacting Ad Manager

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Google anticipates addressing the issue affecting the majority of Ad Manager users in the coming days but has not disclosed a specific timeline for the resolution. This widespread problem is currently under investigation by Google.

Users experiencing the impact of this issue may encounter error messages, delays in service, or unexpected behavior while accessing Google Ad Manager. Although some users have seen improvements, others are still grappling with these difficulties.

It’s crucial for publishers facing Ad Manager-related problems, such as error messages or sluggish performance, to recognize that the issue originates from Google’s end rather than their own systems.

As for the expected resolution time, Google intends to rectify the problem for all users in the “near future,” yet they have not provided a confirmed date for the fix.

The issue initially came to light when Google reported it on January 30th at 5:40 pm ET, and they pledged to furnish further updates the following day.

Google Ad Manager is a comprehensive ad management platform tailored for sizable publishers engaged in significant direct sales. This platform offers precise controls and accommodates numerous ad exchanges and networks, encompassing AdSense, Ad Exchange, third-party networks, and third-party exchanges.

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