Google Business Profile performance insights: What you need to know

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Discover how to navigate and interpret the performance data of your Google Business Profile. Explore a variety of metrics, including views, calls, direction requests, bookings, and more. For those managing a Google Business Profile, regularly reviewing its performance is crucial.

Analyzing the analytics of your Google Business Profile is akin to monitoring your website’s traffic; it gives you valuable insights into various aspects such as:

  • The volume of calls generated through your listing.
  • The ways in which people discover your listing.
  • The number of individuals requesting directions to your location.

And there’s more to explore. This guide will show you how to access these valuable insights from your Google Business Profile, enabling you to understand better how people are interacting with your business listing.

How to access your Business Profile’s performance insights

To view performance insights on a desktop, simply navigate to your Google Business Profile and click on the “Performance” option.

For mobile users, the process involves opening the Google Maps app, accessing your Business Profile, tapping on “Performance,” and then selecting “See More” to view additional details.

This feature allows you to choose a specific date range, up to the past six months, for your performance review.

Performance metrics for your Google Business Profile

“Let’s explore the various metrics available for analysis. It’s important to note that certain metrics are specific to different categories, so not all options may be applicable.


The Overview section assesses all interactions occurring on your Google Business Profile. This includes activities such as phone calls, messaging, booking requests, requests for directions, and more.”

“Exploring how individuals discovered your business, you can find two other essential pieces of information within the Overview section:

  1. Profile Views: Scroll down to discover the number of times your Business Profile was viewed. This metric offers insights into the visibility of your profile on Google Search and Maps. It provides a breakdown between desktop and mobile views.
  2. Keywords Used: Additionally, you can access data on the keywords that people utilized to access your listing.

Please note that comparisons are only available for completed months. It’s important to understand that ‘Views’ represents the count of unique individuals who encountered your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. This count distinguishes between views from desktop and mobile devices.

It’s worth mentioning that users may be counted a limited number of times if they visit your Business Profile on various devices and platforms, such as desktop, mobile, Google Maps, or Google Search. However, each user is counted only once per day for each breakdown by device and platform, ensuring that multiple daily visits from the same user are not duplicated.”

Discovering Insights About Your Business Profile

In the Overview section, you can scroll down to access two other vital pieces of information:

  1. Profile Visibility: Find out how many individuals have viewed your Business Profile. This data encompasses views from both Google Search and Maps, and it provides a segmentation between desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Keyword Analysis: Explore the keywords that led people to discover your listing.

It’s important to note that comparisons are only available for completed months.

When it comes to profile views, this metric reflects the number of unique visitors who have interacted with your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. It’s worth mentioning that a single user may be counted multiple times if they access your Business Profile through various devices and platforms, such as desktop, mobile, Google Maps, or Google Search. However, to ensure accuracy, each user is only counted once per device and platform breakdown per day, and multiple visits within the same day do not result in additional counts.

Exploring the keywords individuals used to discover your Google Business Profile is quite intriguing.

The Searches metric receives monthly updates, presenting the search queries that users entered to access your Business Profile within search results.

Google mentions that updates may take up to five days to become visible

Regarding calls, the call data encompasses all calls initiated from your Google Business Profile. This specifically accounts for calls made via mobile devices using the click-to-call button on your profile. However, it does not include individuals on desktop devices who manually input your phone number into their phones to contact you.

It’s important to note that the Call History feature was recently deprecated but was reinstated a few months later. Since its revival, the accuracy of missed call data by weekdays or times of the day appears to be questionable. It remains uncertain whether Google plans to address this issue in the future.


In the context of Messages, this section is relevant to businesses that have activated the Messages/Chat feature on their Google Business Profile. This metric indicates the total number of messages sent from your Business Profile.

Furthermore, there’s a segment that evaluates your performance in handling incoming chat messages. The message response rate signifies the percentage of messages you’ve responded to, while the average response time reflects how swiftly you’ve replied to these messages.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that maintaining a response time within 24 hours is essential. Failing to do so may result in Google revoking the Messaging feature from your profile.


The Bookings metric quantifies the number of successfully completed bookings made by customers.

To obtain data for this metric, it is essential to set up bookings through a Google-approved provider. If you enter a different booking software URL into your Google Business Profile (e.g., Calendly), you will not receive tracking data for your bookings.

Restaurant bookings, in particular, can present challenges in accuracy based on how your booking system is configured. For instance, if you use a booking app that requires customers to make a deposit to reserve a table, the Google Business Profile’s restaurant booking insights may not track that reservation booking accurately. This is because the customer is navigating outside of Google Business Profile to enter their credit card information.

Thus, depending on your specific circumstances and setup, the Booking insights may not provide entirely accurate data.


The Directions performance metric reveals the number of individuals who utilized your Google Business Profile to obtain directions to your physical business location.

It’s important to note that if you operate as a service area business (SAB) and do not display your physical location in your Google Business Profile listing, you will not have access to this option within the Performance section, as it primarily pertains to businesses with visible physical addresses.


The Menu metric quantifies the number of individuals who have accessed your restaurant’s menu content. This content encompasses comprehensive dish descriptions, menu photographs, and the menu link available on your Business Profile.

Food Orders

The Food Orders metric indicates the count of orders placed for either pickup or delivery directly through your Google Business Profile using an “Order with Google” service provider. This metric is applicable only when the restaurant has its menu items listed on the Google Business Profile listing and the customer places an order directly through one of the supported third-party providers integrated with Google. Please note that orders made through other third-party apps such as GrubHub or Doordash are not included in this tracking.

Website Clicks

Website Clicks represent the number of times people have clicked on the link leading to your website from your Google Business Profile. It’s important to note that this figure excludes clicks to a Google Business Profile website.

Booking Clicks

Booking Clicks provide insight into how many clicks your free hotel booking link has garnered.

Monitor Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Performance

Effective marketing hinges on evaluating your performance.

Regularly review your Google Business Profile performance insights to gauge your monthly progress.

Identify opportunities to enhance engagement with your visitors.

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