Google Analytics Adds Direct Export To Google Sheets

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Google has introduced a fresh feature facilitating the direct export of data from Google Analytics reports to Google Sheets. This enhancement fosters deeper insights and smoother collaboration among teams.

Streamlining Data Analysis

Utilizing the latest “Export to Google Sheets” feature, you can seamlessly transfer Google Analytics data directly to Google Sheets.

Here’s how to export a report to Google Sheets:

  1. Click on “Share this report” located in the top right corner of the report.
  2. Select “Download File.”
  3. Opt for “Export to Google Sheets.”

The exported file will contain data of up to 5,000 rows.

For further guidance, refer to Google’s help page.

Enhancing Collaboration & Sharing

Aside from exporting data to Google Sheets, you can also share reports using a link.

This feature simplifies collaboration with team members and stakeholders.

To share a report link, users need to have the Viewer role at the property level. Once the link is generated, it can be copied and distributed to others.

Expanded Export Options

Google Analytics still offers various export options beyond Google Sheets. You can download reports in PDF or CSV formats as well.

Moreover, for enhanced functionalities, you can integrate Google Analytics with Looker Studio to share report data or utilize the Analytics Data API for more advanced exporting capabilities.

Why SEJ Cares

Enabling the direct export of Google Analytics data to Google Sheets effectively connects data collection with analysis.

Google’s streamlining of the exporting process eradicates the necessity for manual data transfers and intricate workarounds.

This efficiency preserves valuable time and resources, empowering teams to concentrate on extracting meaningful insights and executing data-driven decisions.

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