Google Ads Performance Max Image Generation Now Available To All

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Google has unveiled its AI-driven tools designed for producing and refining images within Performance Max campaigns.

These functionalities, first teased in November, are now available globally in English, with additional language support on the horizon.

Furthermore, Google is enriching its Ad Strength indicator to furnish advertisers with comprehensive insights into their ad resources, encompassing quantity and caliber.

Below are the comprehensive details regarding the updates to Google Ads announced today.

Gemini + Imagen 2 + Performance Max

Performance Max is set to introduce innovative functionalities powered by Google’s Gemini and Imagen 2 AI models.

Advancements in Text and Image Generation
Thanks to the integration of Gemini models, Performance Max will now offer sophisticated capabilities such as generating extended headlines and forthcoming sitelinks.

These features harness Gemini’s reasoning abilities to craft compelling text assets.

Elevating Image Quality with AI Precision
Google is enhancing its image generation technology with the introduction of Imagen 2.

This model empowers advertisers to create visually captivating marketing materials showcasing individuals engaged in active lifestyle scenarios.

Additionally, advertisers can utilize Imagen 2 to generate variations of their top-performing images, thereby broadening their creative horizons.

Diverse creative assets play a pivotal role in driving outcomes, according to Pallavi Naresh, a Group Product Manager at Google Ads:

“Exceptional creative yields results — our research indicates that advertisers achieving an ‘Excellent’ rating in Performance Max Ad Strength witness an average increase of 6% in conversions.”

Google is integrating Gemini machine learning models into the platform to foster creative diversity within Performance Max campaigns.

This integration will bolster Performance Max’s capacity to autonomously produce diverse, top-tier text and image ad resources.

Asset Variety Boosts Ad Strength

Google is updating its approach to determining Ad Strength scores for Performance Max campaigns, prioritizing the abundance and diversity of ad assets.

To aid advertisers in refining their asset assortment, Google recommends the following actions:

  1. Increase the number of assets, including AI-generated variations of current creatives.
  2. Utilize design platforms such as Canva, enabling direct importation of images into campaigns.
  3. Integrate video content, as Google asserts that having at least one video in a campaign can notably enhance conversions.

Furthermore, to encourage advertisers to incorporate more video content, Google is broadening the availability of auto-generated video creation using data from Merchant Center products across eligible campaigns.

Upcoming Feature: Share Ad Previews

In March, Google intends to introduce a new feature facilitating the sharing of advertising previews via links without the need for a Google Ads login.

This enhancement has the potential to streamline the creative development process and enhance collaboration among various teams involved in ad creation.

Looking Ahead

The primary advice for Performance Max campaigns, according to Google’s announcements, emphasizes the importance of maximizing both the quantity and quality of assets.

Utilizing the new generative AI capabilities to broaden the range of image and text options, while also conducting thorough reviews for relevance, is likely the most effective approach for enhancing performance.

As advertising platforms continue to advance in sophistication, investing time and resources into strategic and creative development, augmented by AI, will become increasingly crucial.

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