Google Ads moves reports to new location in latest UI update

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The recent update to the Google Ads user interface is focused on enhancing navigation and workflow organization for a select group of accounts. The changes primarily affect the layout, structure, and design of the UI but do not alter the functionality of any tools or features within Google Ads.

Specifically, this UI update is currently in beta for Manager Accounts and aims to improve workflow organization and make the platform more user-friendly without removing or altering the availability of existing tools.

One notable change is the relocation of performance reports, which can now be found in the “Insights and reports” section. Users who are accustomed to finding their reports in a different location will need to adjust to this new organization.

The update was initially identified by Greg Kohler, a digital advertising team lead, who shared a preview of the redesigned platform on X. It is essential for advertisers to be aware of these changes and adapt to the updated UI to continue effectively using Google Ads for their advertising campaigns.

In an interview with Search Engine Land, Kohler expressed his reservations about the new interface:

“They’ve rearranged things, and I’ve found it confusing to locate certain elements – for instance, my instinct was to check under ‘Keywords’ to find search terms.”
“I’m not particularly enthusiastic about it, but I think it’s mainly because I’m resistant to change. I’m sure I’ll eventually adapt, but for now, it’s a bit of a hassle.”

Why the change now? This new design is a part of the same UI update that was initiated in June. Google has continued to refine this new layout to enhance the platform’s overall usability.

A spokesperson from Google shared their perspective:

“Our research indicates that advertisers frequently utilize both the Insights page and various report pages when analyzing campaign performance.”
“By consolidating these pages into a unified section within the navigation, Google aims to simplify the process of accessing the performance data you require to optimize your advertisements.”

Original news from SearchEngineLand