Duda Website Builder For Agencies Adds More AI Tools

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Duda recently unveiled new AI assistant functionalities aimed at aiding digital agencies in expanding their website creation and optimization capabilities. These enhancements facilitate managing a higher volume of clients without incurring additional expenses.

Duda Website Builder For Digital Agencies

Duda stands as a proprietary website builder platform meticulously crafted for digital marketing agencies, enabling them to amplify their capacity and onboard additional clients sans the necessity of expanding their web development team extensively.

By leveraging the Duda platform, agencies can effortlessly craft top-tier websites and seamlessly uphold them for their clientele. The feature of white labeling empowers digital agencies to deliver a branded experience tailored to their clients’ needs.

Duda AI Assistant Features

Duda has integrated two cutting-edge features into their already impressive array of AI tools, enhancing the automation of webpage creation and optimizing alt text. The innovative Sections tool constructs webpage sections and layouts based solely on descriptive prompts, reminiscent of scenes from a science fiction movie where designers communicate their vision to a computer, and the AI brings it to life.

Moreover, the enhanced alt text tool builds upon its predecessor by now offering bulk generation of alt text for images, catering to both accessibility and search optimization needs. Notably, the improved AI alt text tool can also generate alt text in multiple languages, further extending its versatility and utility.

Duda’s ongoing enhancements to their products underscore their dedication to assisting digital agencies in reducing costs while simultaneously expanding their capacity to serve more clients, thereby fostering their evolution into larger and more lucrative enterprises.

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