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Attaining a degree holds significant value across various professions.

Consider this scenario: Would you entrust a dentist who solely acquired skills through YouTube tutorials to perform a root canal on you? Absolutely not.

However, for certain professions, comprehensive learning experiences can be accessed online at a fraction of the expense compared to traditional college education, often delivering equal or superior knowledge. Search engine optimization (SEO) stands as a prime example.

This isn’t to diminish the importance of formal education for SEO specialists. Any form of education holds merit, especially if it pertains to related disciplines such as computer science, marketing, or communications.

Like numerous industries, the landscape of SEO is in perpetual flux. It extends beyond mere competitors refining their strategies to outmaneuver you; it encompasses regular and at times significant alterations to Google’s search algorithm.

In this dynamic arena, you’ll find both free and paid courses, some accompanied by certifications. Depending on your objectives, certain types of SEO certifications can prove worthwhile investments of your time and resources. However, it’s imperative to make selections judiciously.

If you’re uncertain about where to commence, peruse our SEO beginner’s guide, a resource designed to acquaint you with the fundamentals of SEO and serve as a springboard for further exploration.

Moreover, below, we’ve curated a catalog of the finest online SEO courses available. This compilation ensures you locate precisely what you seek to elevate your proficiency in this domain and hone your craft.

Free SEO Courses

SEO Certification Course (HubSpot)

HubSpot’s SEO Certification Course is tailored to cater to the needs of marketers, aligning with its focus on marketing and sales software development. This course delves into the fundamentals of SEO, covering aspects such as assessing your current website, establishing backlinks, and conducting keyword research to enhance search performance.

Duration: Less than four hours spread across six comprehensive lessons.

SEO Training Course: Learn How To Get Organic Traffic From Search (Ahrefs)

On the other hand, Ahrefs, another prominent provider of SEO software tools, offers a free SEO Training Course designed specifically for beginners. Starting from the ground up, this program elucidates the significance of SEO and leads participants through the rudiments of keyword research, page optimization, and introductory technical SEO techniques aimed at securing higher rankings in search engine results.

Duration: Comprising 14 lessons delivered over a span of 2 hours.

Free SEO Training: SEO For Beginners (Yoast)

Discover the fundamentals of SEO with Yoast’s Free SEO Training: SEO For Beginners. Developed by the creators of the widely-used SEO plugin for WordPress, this online course aims to swiftly furnish you with essential SEO knowledge and practical insights to swiftly enhance your website’s ranking.

Duration: A concise two-hour program.

SEO Training For Beginners (Shopify)

In the realm of ecommerce, Shopify stands as a key player. To assist online merchants in amplifying their influence and revenue potential, Shopify presents a free SEO Training For Beginners. Tailored specifically for digital retailers, this course offers valuable guidance on optimizing your Shopify store for maximum impact.

Duration: Slightly over one hour, ensuring a streamlined learning experience.

Navigating On-Page And Technical SEO (Semrush)

Embark on a journey through On-Page and Technical SEO with Semrush’s comprehensive course tailored for intermediate SEO professionals. Crafted by the developers of the renowned keyword research and analytics tool, this program delves into optimizing web elements to bolster rankings, along with adeptly identifying and remedying issues that may impede search engine visibility. Upon successful completion, you have the opportunity to obtain certification.

Duration: Dive into eight lessons condensed into one hour, ensuring efficiency without compromising depth.

Intro To Search Engine Optimization (WordPress)

Alternatively, WordPress, a leading platform for bloggers, extends an Invitation to explore the fundamentals of SEO with their Intro To Search Engine Optimization course. Designed for beginners, this on-demand course offers foundational insights into SEO principles, complemented by a certificate of completion upon finishing.

Duration: Delve into approximately one hour of content, along with supplementary activities to enrich your learning experience.

A Beginner’s Guide To Local SEO (BrightLocal)

Unlock the potential of Local SEO with BrightLocal’s Beginner’s Guide To Local SEO course. Designed to enhance your business visibility within your community, this course offered by BrightLocal Academy arms you with the essential knowledge and skills required to ensure your presence in local searches.

Duration: Immerse yourself in eight comprehensive lessons, culminating in certification, all accomplished within a succinct one and a half hours.

Google SEO Fundamentals (Coursera/University Of California, Davis)

For a more comprehensive understanding of SEO fundamentals, delve into the Google SEO Fundamentals course crafted by UC Davis, available on Coursera. This course offers a swift yet thorough overview of search engine optimization basics, encompassing modules on on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Additionally, it delves into keyword theory and strategies for conducting effective keyword research to bolster your rankings.

Duration: Spanning across 4 modules, expect to dedicate 29 hours to complete this in-depth exploration of SEO essentials.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization (Coursera/University Of California, Davis)

Delve deeper into the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the specialized program offered by UC Davis on Coursera. This comprehensive specialization goes beyond the basics, equipping you with the skills to conduct competitive analysis, cultivate influencer relationships, and compile detailed reports presenting your findings and recommendations to clients.

Benefit from the flexibility of a self-paced learning environment, allowing you to tailor your schedule according to your needs.

Duration: Comprising 5 courses, this specialization spans over 3 months, with an estimated commitment of 10 hours per week. Embark on this journey to enhance your expertise in SEO and unlock new opportunities in the digital landscape.

Paid SEO Courses

Free offerings are undeniably appealing, yet for those seeking comprehensive and targeted learning experiences, investing in a paid course could prove worthwhile. Below, we’ve curated a selection of the finest options available:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course (Simplilearn)

Enhance your SEO proficiency with Simplilearn’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course, tailored to prepare you for a role as a versatile full-stack SEO professional. Developed by Simplilearn, an esteemed online “boot camp” educator, this comprehensive program delves into every aspect of the search landscape, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques such as off-page optimization, crafting a robust content marketing strategy, and proficiently managing analytics.

Duration: Flexibility reigns with the option for self-paced learning or instructor-led sessions.

Technical SEO Certification (Moz)

Alternatively, if you’re inclined towards delving deeper into technical SEO, consider Moz’s Technical SEO Certification course. This on-demand program is meticulously crafted to elevate your technical SEO prowess from a beginner to an intermediate level. Immerse yourself in topics ranging from crawlability and indexability to accessibility and site performance.

Duration: Immerse yourself in three hours of instructor-led content, culminating in a comprehensive final exam.

Price: $395 for the entire course. Embark on this journey to fortify your technical SEO skills and propel your career forward in the digital landscape.

SEO Competitive Analysis Certification (Moz)

Expand your SEO expertise with Moz’s SEO Competitive Analysis Certification, tailored for intermediate to advanced SEO practitioners. This on-demand course from Moz Academy equips you with the skills to identify and scrutinize your competitors’ SEO strategies, both on-page and off-page. Dive into the intricacies of conducting comprehensive audits and assessing your rivals’ social media presence.

Duration: Immerse yourself in three hours of instructor-led content, culminating in a final exam.

Price: $395 for the entire certification program.

SEO Certification (ClickMinded)

Alternatively, elevate your SEO proficiency with ClickMinded’s SEO Certification course, available on an online continuing education platform catering to marketing professionals. Designed to accommodate busy schedules, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization fundamentals. Upon successful completion of the final exam, you’ll receive certification, along with lifetime access to five mini-SEO courses.

Duration: Delve into three to six hours of engaging content.

Price: Single courses starting from $999, or access the complete course library for $1,999. Embark on this journey to solidify your SEO skills and propel your career forward in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training (Market Motive/Simplilearn)

Elevate your SEO prowess with the Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training offered by Market Motive in collaboration with Simplilearn. This comprehensive course transcends the fundamentals, providing advanced insights to propel your skills to new heights. Designed as an exhaustive resource on all aspects of SEO, this program demands a significant time investment but promises to be a rewarding journey. Gain access to the course material for an entire year, allowing ample time for thorough learning and practice.

Duration: Immerse yourself in over 30 hours of self-paced video content, culminating in an exam and certification upon completion.

Price: Opt for self-paced learning at $899, unlocking a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for professional growth.

SEO Training (Bruce Clay)

Alternatively, delve into the realm of SEO with Bruce Clay’s SEO Training course, offered through As the developer of the world’s first webpage analysis tool, Bruce Clay brings unparalleled expertise to this exhaustive course. Learn at your own pace, from foundational SEO principles to advanced tactics, through 48 comprehensive videos.

Duration: Engage in over 15 hours of content spread across 48 videos, providing a comprehensive understanding of SEO strategies and techniques.

Price: Access the course with a one-year membership priced at $1,495. Invest in your SEO education and unlock the secrets to success in the digital landscape under the guidance of industry experts.

SEO Basics (SERanking)

Master the fundamentals of SEO with SERanking’s SEO Basics course, a meticulously structured online program designed to guide you through every facet of SEO implementation for your business. This comprehensive course ensures you grasp the intricacies of SEO, empowering you to optimize your online presence effectively. Additionally, SERanking offers a Content SEO course to further augment your expertise in this domain.

Duration: Immerse yourself in 41 lessons spanning over 6 hours of content.

Price: Access this valuable resource with a basic subscription starting at $44 per month, with the added benefit of a 14-day free trial period.

The (Non-Techie) Marketer’s Guide To SEO (MarketingProfs)

For those without a background in computer science or related fields, MarketingProfs presents The (Non-Techie) Marketer’s Guide To SEO. Tailored for individuals seeking to maximize their website’s ranking without delving into coding languages, this program demystifies the workings of search engines and provides actionable steps to boost your online visibility.

Duration: Engage in 7 lessons, each lasting 60-90 minutes.

Price: Access the course with an annual subscription priced at $279. Invest in your SEO education and empower yourself to elevate your digital marketing strategies without the need for technical expertise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Marketing (University Of California, San Diego)

Enrich your understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing with the online course offered by the University of California, San Diego. This program is designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of SEO and website structuring techniques. Through practical exercises, you’ll assume the role of an SEO specialist, gaining hands-on experience and proficiency in utilizing various online tools to optimize website performance.

Duration: Equivalent to three credit hours.

Price: Enroll in this comprehensive course for $695, unlocking invaluable insights into SEO strategies and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (University Of Phoenix)

Alternatively, explore the world of SEO with the University of Phoenix’s Search Engine Optimization course. This online program delves into advanced concepts such as competitive analysis, keyword strategy formulation, and the development of crawler-friendly site architectures. Gain a robust understanding of SEO principles and learn to craft effective content and social media strategies to enhance website visibility across digital platforms.

Duration: Equivalent to three credit hours over a span of five weeks.

Price: Invest in your SEO education with a fee of $1,194, acquiring essential skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (University Of Cape Town)

Enhance your SEO expertise with the Search Engine Optimization course offered by the University of Cape Town. This online short course is meticulously designed to furnish you with practical, job-ready skills, instilling confidence to excel in an SEO role. Through live experience working on an ecommerce WordPress site, you’ll master various SEO tactics, ensuring a hands-on understanding of best practices. Upon completion, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certificate from Africa’s premier institution.

Duration: Engage in a comprehensive 10-week program, dedicating 10 hours per week to your learning journey.

Foundations Of Search Engine Optimization (University Of Toronto)

On the other hand, delve into the Foundations Of Search Engine Optimization micro-course offered by the University of Toronto. This program equips you with the essential skills to conduct competitive research and develop effective SEO strategies. Gain a thorough understanding of Google’s operations, identify relevant keywords utilized by your target audience, and implement best practices to enhance your website’s ranking. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a micro-credential, providing tangible proof of your expertise.

Duration: Immerse yourself in 15 hours of engaging content.

Price: Access this invaluable resource for $559 Canadian, and leverage your micro-credential to showcase your SEO proficiency across various platforms. Embark on these enriching learning experiences to advance your career in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

Other Resources

Apart from the enjoyment derived from optimizing websites for search engines, the internet remains a vast repository of knowledge.

Here are several alternative resources you can explore to delve deeper into the realm of search engine optimization:

LinkedIn Learning:
LinkedIn transcends its role as merely a professional networking platform—it also serves as an excellent educational hub.

Launched initially in 2016, LinkedIn Learning has witnessed a surge in popularity among various organizations.

At present, it offers a diverse range of 29 courses dedicated to Search Engine Optimization, yielding a total of 931 results spanning across videos, audio content, and more.

The pricing structure for LinkedIn Learning is contingent upon the number of user seats required:

Price: Starting at $379.88 per seat, per year, for teams ranging from 2 to 20 users.

Pluralsight, an online tech learning platform, presents an excellent avenue for acquiring new skills, including digital marketing and SEO.

As of the current moment, there are 83 distinct courses available for mastering the intricacies of search engine optimization.

This platform serves as an ideal destination for obtaining tech certifications, and it even offers resources for learning coding, should you wish to augment your web skills.

Price: A complimentary trial is accessible, followed by plans starting at $299 per year.

Udemy, another dedicated learning platform aimed at enhancing your skill set, offers a variety of SEO videos.

Each video lesson is available for individual purchase, granting you the flexibility to focus on specific aspects of SEO that interest you the most.

Price: Courses begin at $14.99 each, accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, personal plans are on offer, starting at a monthly subscription price of $16.58, with a 7-day free trial.

Skillshare SEO Courses:
Skillshare boasts an extensive collection of original videos covering a diverse array of creative and technical subjects, including, unsurprisingly, SEO.

It serves as an excellent platform for refreshing your knowledge of the fundamentals or honing in on particular areas for enhancement.

Price: Pricing commences at $159 per year, per seat for teams.

A Great SEO Pro Never Stops Learning

Every day in the realm of SEO brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. This ever-changing landscape is part of what makes the industry so captivating—there’s always an element of unpredictability.

With Google continually refining its algorithm in pursuit of more precise search results, the demand for proficient professionals remains constant. These experts play a crucial role in assisting websites to ascend the ranks on search engine results pages.

The courses highlighted span a wide spectrum, catering to everyone from complete beginners with free offerings to in-depth classes delving into specific facets of SEO.

After mastering the fundamentals, it’s essential to explore more advanced topics like technical SEO or on-page SEO.

However, it’s crucial to remember that in the field of SEO, learning is an ongoing process. No matter how seasoned you are or how proficient your skills may be, there’s always room for further education and growth.

As Google’s algorithms evolve continuously, our knowledge must evolve in tandem to remain relevant and effective. Continuous learning is the key to ensuring that your website achieves the ranking it rightfully deserves.

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