Options Consulting Solutions Corporate Identity and Website Redesign

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Options Consulting Solutions (OCS)




Professional and Consulting Firms


Corporate Identity Design
Website re-design

Objective: To develop a fresh corporate identity and an accessible website for OCS, aligning with their mission to humanize the recruitment process and their commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion.

Background: Since 1991, OCS has been a pioneer in equal opportunity recruitment. They required a corporate identity that reflects their values of dignity, mutual respect, and a personalized approach to recruitment.


  • Logo Design: The new logo represents the interconnectedness of clients and candidates, symbolizing OCS’s role as the bridge in recruitment. It incorporates a clean, modern typeface with overlapping circles that reflect inclusivity and connection.
  • Website Design: The website was restructured to meet AODA and WCAG accessibility standards. It features a clean, navigable interface with clear typography and intuitive design elements, ensuring all users, including those with disabilities, can access information and services seamlessly.


  • Retaining the brand’s established reputation while refreshing its visual identity.
  • Enhancing website accessibility without compromising on functionality or design aesthetics.


  • Collaborative workshops with stakeholders to ensure the new brand identity resonated with OCS’s values and legacy.
  • Regular accessibility audits and user feedback integration to continually improve the website’s user experience.

Outcome: The rebranding was successfully implemented, with the new logo and website receiving positive feedback from clients, candidates, and stakeholders. The website’s improved accessibility broadened its reach, ensuring OCS’s services were available to a more diverse audience.

Conclusion: The project underscored the importance of a brand’s visual identity in reflecting its core values and the pivotal role of an accessible website in inclusive customer engagement.