Expert digital marketing brings business to your real estate company.

We take care of your digital marketing so you can focus on your listed & managed properties.

    Let’s talk about powering up your business.

    New Design Group helps your company :

    • Reach more home buyers
    • Reach more commercial property investors
    • Expand to new markets and segments
    • Realize better ROI
    • Build a robust brand
    New Design Group helps your company :

    What Expert Digital Marketing Does For Your Real Estate Business

    • Generate Leads

      Reach out to people interested in buying a home or commercial property and show up exactly when they are searching for it.

    • Social Selling

      People buy from agents & brokers they trust. Influence buying decisions by familiarizing your customer with your brand on their social media.

    • Customer Delight

      Your fast, functional, good-looking website makes customers engage with your business. Online reputation management ensures high ratings & positive reviews.

    • Market Fit

      No two property buyers are the same. Personalize your offering for each segment of your customers, however small or different.

    • Brand Building

      Inspire prospects to contact you even when you aren’t advertising. With effective content marketing, pull customers back to you organically.

    • Effectively Automate

      Boost your customer service with AI chatbots. Reach out to new customers by understanding your current customers’ buying behaviors and lifestyles.

    Our Services

    • Website Design

      • Responsive design
      • UI/UX optimization
      • Payment gateway
      • Lead Capture toolkit
      • Safety & security
      • COVID banner implementation
      • Website management

    • Community Management

      • Social listening & monitoring
      • Sentiment management
      • Customer relationship management

    • Search Engine Optimization

      • Keyword research
      • Competition audit
      • On-page optimization
      • Off-page link-building
      • Google My Business set-up

    • Content Marketing

      • Copywriting
      • Blogs, video blogs & podcasts
      • Articles & infographics
      • Reports & analysis

    • Search Engine Marketing

      • Keyword research
      • Performance planning
      • Campaign optimization
      • Conversion tracking
      • Remarketing
      • Driving online purchase & store visits
      • Lead generation

    • Social Media Marketing

      • Content creation
      • Competition tracking
      • Engagement enhancement
      • Digital platform management
      • Social advertising & remarketing
      • Lead generation

    • Display Marketing

      • Affinity & intent targeting
      • Creative designs & adaptations
      • Brand awareness lift

    • Video Production

      • Live-action video shoot & edit
      • Product & model photoshoot
      • Interviews & testimonials
      • Social media live broadcast sessions
      • Motion graphics & animation

    • Brand Strategy

      • Digital research
      • Customer journey mapping
      • Digital sales funnel optimization
      • ROI projection
      • Communication strategy
      • Creative ideation

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      Why New Design Group?

      • Knowledge Transfer

        Knowledge Transfer

        We are not just suppliers, we are partners in your mission. At your side on your digital journey, we’re there to navigate and ensure you understand the plan, the tools, the creative, and the results.

      • One-Stop-Shop


        From planning your campaigns, to creating the content, and promoting it, we do it all. You stay in control of everything, through a dedicated strategy executive.

      • Strategic Approach

        Strategic Approach

        We create and execute short-term tactics that quickly deliver measurable results that lead to your longer-term goals.

      • Ahead Of The Curve

        Ahead Of The Curve

        Our experienced team acts as your eyes and ears in the fast-moving world of digital marketing. You never miss an update that benefits your real estate business.

      • Domain Experience

        Domain Experience

        We have worked with 10+ real estate clients in the past 5 years, helping with lead generation, social media optimization and brand awareness.

      • Fast & Competent

        Fast & Competent

        We are young, experienced, and focused on getting things done – exactly what your business needs to turn things around under right-now deadlines.

      What Success Looks Like With Us

      • Wealth Management Firm With $ 150 Million AUM

        Wealth Management Firm With $ 150 Million AUM

        25% less cost-per-lead using Facebook marketing, adding customers with a lifetime value of $3 Million in 2 weeks.

      • Commercial Refrigeration Company

        Commercial Refrigeration Company

        200% growth in brand equity over 5 years of our creative marketing partnership, implemented across both mainstream and digital mediums.

      • Home Decor Startup

        Home Decor Startup

        $ 150K monthly topline revenue and 30x growth in 3 years with search engine and display marketing on Google’s website network.

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        The Secret Sauce of Success

        Our team of strategists, content creators, creative directors, SEO specialists and paid media specialists have a collective experience of more than 100 years. We take pride in delivering digital marketing solutions that drive results for our clients. That’s why 70% of New Design Group’s clients have partnered with us for more than 3 years.

        From social media engagement, brand building, SEO to digital advertising, we help generate ROI for your business.

        • Stand Out Creatively
          Stand Out Creatively

          It’s not enough to just run some ads. Those ads must communicate differently than your competitors with personalized value propositions. Our integrated team pays attention to the copy, imagery, design aesthetics, layouts, clickability, value addition, and your product or service integration.

        • 360 Degree Touchpoints
          360 Degree Touchpoints

          Google’s research reveals that customers have approximately 17 touch points across the digital ecosystem, every day. Our integrated team ensures that your brand is present in the customer’s journey right from perception, through awareness, intent, decision, and loyalty stages.

        • Measurement and Planning
          Measurement and Planning

          The success of brand awareness and lead generation campaigns require different metrics for judgment. Each digital marketing tactic plays a different role in nudging the customer through the sales funnel.

        • Integrated Marketing
          Integrated Marketing

          One of the most daunting marketing problems real estate businesses face is operating in silos. The digital world is interconnected and your customers move freely between platforms. Our integrated team brings all the diverse facets of digital marketing together to deliver the best results for your business.

        What Clients Say About Us

        • Patience O.

          Patience O. Market Development at GTH International Inc.

          “New Design Group Inc. listened closely to my vision and was able to express my brand perfectly in each component of my project – branding, web design, and social media."

        • Mounir El-Ayari

          Mounir El-Ayari Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager at Richardson GMP

          “New Design Group did an excellent job in developing our corporate website. We were thrilled with the result. They are a pleasure to work with.”

        • Michael Sloan

          Michael Sloan Communications Specialist looking for new opportunities

          “New Design Group Inc. is truly professional, and a pleasure to work with. The company is reliable, dependable and goes the extra mile in serving their clients.”

        • Vladimir Tsitrin, CISSP

          Vladimir Tsitrin, CISSP Lead Cybersecurity Architect at Fidelity Digital Assets

          “I am pleased to recommend New Design Group as a great & professional agency in Web Accessibility and Digital Marketing industries.”

        • Colin Pyle

          Colin Pyle Vice President, Capital Markets and Treasury at RFA Bank of Canada

          “I worked with New Design Group on a few projects and they always delivered the products on time, with good value and high quality.”

        • Carolyn Acton R.N. BScN, MEd

          Carolyn Acton R.N. BScN, MEd V.P., Patient Services and Operations at S.R.T. Med-Staff

          “New Design Group is very action-oriented and respond quickly. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

        • Rob Spillane

          Rob Spillane Sales Representative at ROI Corporation

          “New Design Group is a truly professional agency and return all work on time and to a very high standard.”

        • Petro Niemkov

          Petro Niemkov Frontend Developer at Bell Canada

          “New Design Group has a great team and I found their attention to detail and dedication both inspiring and motivating.”

        • Albert de Goias

          Albert de Goias Empowered Aftercare

          “New Design Group is a knowledgeable provider of internet design and marketing services. Their work was efficient and the staff highly competent.”

        • Ashfaq Ahmed

          Ashfaq Ahmed Helping small business owners reduce their taxes

          “New Design Group was engaged in designing and implementing my website. It was excellent work, exceeding what I wanted. I would recommend this agency to anyone any time.”

        • Ross Ulysses Munroe

          Ross Ulysses Munroe Freelance Copywriter/Concept Guy, Director/Producer

          “I look forward to continuing to work with New Design Group and highly recommend their services!”

        • Jonathan Ofori, BSc CHRP

          Jonathan Ofori, BSc CHRP Managing Director at Broadbase Human Resources

          “We are proud of the corporate image that New Design Group helped us create.”

        • Amir Shingray

          Amir Shingray Digital Marketing at Consultant

          “New Design Group team is punctual and effective. I will certainly do business with them, whenever the opportunity arises.”

        • Quinn Fung

          Quinn Fung Owner, 1 Stop Print

          “New Design Group pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in their solutions.”

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