Everlasting Brochures For Kitchen Design Companies

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Kitchen design companies that want to attract more business need a professionally designed and perfectly branded brochure.  Even in today’s society of mobile madness and web-based wish lists, smart companies appreciate the power of their brochure.  Most customers planning to spend several thousand dollars on a new kitchen will head to the kitchen design company showroom to see the products in the flesh.  However if they don’t want to make a final decision on the day, they’re not necessarily a lost cause:  sending them home with a quality brochure is a very smart move.

Kitchen Company Brochure Design
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Brochures For Kitchen Design Companies

In the war of kitchen design companies, those with impressive brochures have the edge over their competitors who opt for cheaply designed pamphlets printed on flimsy paper. Not only does a glossy brochure enable would-be customers to browse at their leisure, but it sends out the right message – that this company has the ability to make the dream of a fabulous new kitchen come true.  On the other hand, cheap flyers reek of a budget outfit that is likely to take short cuts in the kitchen design leaving the customer disappointed with the results.

Everlasting Brochures For Kitchen Design Companies

Presentation Folder:  To achieve an everlasting brochure, the presentation folder is the perfect solution.  This can be beautifully designed with plenty of images showing what is on offer, a top level description of the company’s services and products, and the company contact details.

The presentation folders can then be printed in large quantities as the information they display is not subject to change.  So no hefty reprint costs when prices or product lines are updated.

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Inserts:  Inserts can be designed to complement the presentation folder with regard to visual branding and layout, and to fit snugly within it.  These will provide potential customers with all the fine details, such as technical specifications, prices and special offers

The inserts need only be printed in the required quantities: for example, sufficient price lists for a year, or sufficient special offer inserts to last the duration of the offer.

Key Advantages

Reprint costs:  If the information depicted in the main presentation folder is chosen carefully, it will not change in the lifetime of the folder and won’t require a costly reprint and associated wastage as existing folders are tossed away.

When the detailed information changes or new ranges are added to the portfolio, new inserts can be designed and printed in the appropriate quantities.

Tailor made brochures:  The presentation folder allows sales staff to only give the relevant information to customers: no need to provide a customer with the insert detailing the most expensive range of kitchen designs if the customer has made it crystal clear that marble and chandeliers are way beyond their budget.

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Personalised brochures:  The presentation folder can also be produced with cut-outs slits to allow sales staff to include their business card in an impossible-to-miss location.  The clients then have the details of the person they spoke to in the showroom easy to hand.

Without a doubt kitchen design companies need a great brochure to hand to indecisive clients who leave the showroom without signing a contract.  And a skilfully designed brochure has the power to convert them from wannabes to purchasers.  But to make the provision of a brochure a cost effective exercise, kitchen design companies should opt for a presentation folder with carefully designed inserts that can be selected for each individual client.  This is by far the most intelligent approach to create an everlasting brochure.