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Why your new Beauty Business needs a Striking Professional Brand Design

Why your new Beauty Business needs a Striking Professional Brand Design

The beauty business is highly competitive so to flourish, your company needs a professional brand identity to persuade clients that your products are better than the rest and are essential necessities rather than needless indulgences. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but when you are launching your beauty business, you need it to appeal to as many people as possible.  When you are planning to sell your own line of cosmetics, skin, nail or hair care products you need to take a good hard look at your competitors and get yourself a brand that will make your own beauty mark. The big boys in the beauty industry are astute enough to appeal to our narcissistic side when trying to sell products.  Think about current TV or magazine adverts for hair products– without fail there are beautiful models having a beautiful life all sending out the brand message that if you purchase this hair product, you too can have it all.  Beauty products are cleverly branded to appeal to our emotions:  we start to believe these products have the capability to improve our attractiveness, increase our sex-appeal and to bring us happiness.  Whether it is a new hair conditioner to create long, silky locks, a luscious red lipstick which will last all day or false eyelashes to bat at whomever we choose, we will be invariably drawn to an incredibly well branded product. So what is a well branded product?  It’s one that calls out to us, appears to match all our needs and has us reaching for our purses.  When the professionals talk about brand identity, they aren’t referring solely to the brand name and tagline, although these are of course incredibly important.  They are also referring to the visual look of the packaging of the product range, the adverts, the website, the store where the products can be purchased and also to the words used to describe the products. To understand these concepts, consider one of the most successful companies in the beauty business – L’Oreal.  It is the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the world and markets over 500 different brands which are distributed through every outlet imaginable from hair salons and supermarkets to pharmacies and online stores.  When launching their hair color products in the US in 1971, they created the enduring slogan ‘Because You’re Worth It’ which is still used today and is often cited as one of the most memorable taglines of all time. So why did this tagline resonate so strongly with the target market of women who care about their hair color?  Quite simply it is an almost perfect slogan of four small words that sum up what every woman wants – to feel special, to look good  – in short, because they are worth it. But it’s not all about the slogan.  The L’Oreal range of hair care products has similar, eye catching and professional packaging, and all other marketing material follows suit.  The range of products is clearly pitched above cheap and cheerful hair care ranges.  This is one for women who want to take care of their looks and will spend slightly more to get the right look. When you are planning to launch your own beauty product line, don’t feel overwhelmed by the masters...

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